Andrew Leeds Burton, web designer and motorcycle enthusiast.

life isn't black and white Despite

This is SEVEN point four, the latest bytesize, stripped down version of; the website for Andrew Leeds Burton, web designer, biker and motorcycle enthusiast. 

I am a graphic designer and web developer based in Granada, Andalucia in southern Spain. For the past six years I have been working as the art director for a British web development company. 

I specialise in developing efficient and practical design & communications solutions for the Internet. My approach to design is practical and straightforward. Combining technical expertise with creative thought, I create individual design solutions in a simple style which remains clean, clear and contemporary. 

I have never been afraid to take inspiration from where necessary, I believe that your design is organic and breathes with a life of its own. It should continually evolve and work for you rather than being something that is done once and then forgotten about. 

For further information on my work and to request an updated portfolio please email me directly. You can also use this form if you want to contact me to talk about motorcycles in general and old school Swedish choppers in particular. 

Who needs colour when you have Black & White?